Sodium in Brewing Water: Why you should care

Discover the importance of sodium in brewing water and how it affects your favorite brew.


Brewing water is a critical component of beer, with several essential values to consider. These include calcium, magnesium, sulfate, chloride, and of course, sodium. Each of these values contributes to the overall quality, taste, and mouthfeel of the beer.

How Would a Beer with a Lot of Sodium in the Brewing Water Taste?

A high sodium level in the brewing water would result in a beer with a pronounced salty taste. Furthermore, it could also enhance the perception of sweetness and roundness in the beer, leading to a fuller mouthfeel.

Influence on Beer Taste

Sodium plays a significant role in the taste of beer, as it can affect the beer’s overall flavor profile. For instance, sodium can enhance the sweetness and bitterness of beer, making it more palatable. However, excessive sodium levels can make the beer taste too salty, leading to an unbalanced and unpleasant taste.

A Few Examples of Sodium Levels in Brewing Water

Water sources with high amounts of sodium include seawater, softened water, and some well or spring waters. In contrast, low sodium levels are found in rainwater and reverse osmosis water.

Typical brewing water sodium levels vary depending on the source:

  • Burton-on-Trent, UK: 25 ppm (known for its high mineral content, ideal for brewing pale ales)
  • Pilsen, Czech Republic: 2 ppm (soft water, perfect for brewing Pilsner-style beers)
  • Dublin, Ireland: 12 ppm (moderate mineral content, well-suited for brewing stouts)


Sodium in brewing water plays a vital role in the overall taste and mouthfeel of beer. Beers with high sodium levels may have a salty taste, while moderate levels can enhance the beer’s flavor profile. Understanding the sodium content in your brewing water can help you create the perfect beer for your taste buds

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