Hands-on tests of brewing hardware from a homebrewers perspective

Review: TILT electric hydrometer

Measuring your worts specific gravity (SG) is crucial when brewing beer. During mashing, it’s one of the most imporant key figures defining the taste of your beer. During fermentation it provides valuable information how your fermentation is going and when it’s over. After fermentation, knowing your final gravity is crucial for calculating the alcohol by …

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Review: Inkbird ITC-308(S) WiFi – a homebrewers perspective.

The Inkbird ITC-308(S) WiFi temperature controller is considered to be the best option for homebrewing among temperature controllers. Especially in the USA it’s a popular option to monitor and control the temperature during fermentation. This review covers what’s in the box, it’s features and typical usage scenarios, we will do a testrun, write up some …

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