Unraveling the Effect of Farnesene in Hops in Brewing: A Flavorful Journey

Discovering the impact of farnesene in hops on brewing can open up new dimensions of flavors and aromas in beer. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of farnesene, its taste, and influence on beer flavor.


Hops are a crucial ingredient in brewing, contributing to beer’s bitterness, flavor, and aroma. Key components in hops include alpha acids, beta acids, essential oils, and terpenes such as farnesene.

How would pure farnesene taste like?

Farnesene itself doesn’t contribute to the taste of beer directly. However, it is a critical element in the aroma profile of hops, adding a distinct and delicate complexity to the beer’s overall sensory experience.

Influence on beer taste

Farnesene is a sesquiterpene that contributes to the aroma of certain hop varieties. While it doesn’t directly impact the taste of beer, it plays a significant role in enhancing the overall flavor profile through its aromatic qualities. Farnesene imparts a subtle yet distinct herbal, woody, and sometimes fruity aroma to beer, creating a unique and enjoyable sensory experience for drinkers.

A few examples of farnesene levels in hops

Hops with high farnesene levels are typically used for their aromatic contributions to beer. Here are some examples of hops with varying farnesene levels:

  1. High farnesene hops:
    • Strisselspalt (16-22% of total oil content)
    • Hallertau Mittelfrüh (12-18% of total oil content)
    • Czech Saaz (5-20% of total oil content)
  2. Low farnesene hops:
    • Citra (0.5-1% of total oil content)
    • Mosaic (0.5-1% of total oil content)
    • Simcoe (0.5-1% of total oil content)


In conclusion, understanding the effect of farnesene in hops in brewing is essential for unlocking new depths of flavor and aroma in beer. Although farnesene doesn’t directly influence beer taste, its impact on the aroma profile can significantly enhance the overall drinking experience. Exploring hops with various farnesene levels can help brewers create unique and delightful flavor profiles in their brews.

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